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earl’s purchase

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Anonymous asked: What does Nash Grier had done?



What hasn’t he done?

(he only apologized for that Vine when he got serious backlash, and he deleted it right away, just like he did with his video ‘What Guys Look For In Girls’, but he constantly uses slurs)

Where did he move on to? To a trashcan???

(FYI he never apologized for this video, he just removed it because he was being criticized)

You can watch the video here.

Decide for yourself if you like Nash or not after watching it, I don’t care. It’s like girls are not pressured enough to be perfect in today’s society to be as perfect as possible for ‘their man’ as they can be. What’s worse, his followers doubled, then tripled, than quadrupled after this video, even though he deleted it, and so many teen girls went to his defense. He criticized probably most of them and he still has them as his fans. He set up unrealistic standards for them and they don’t love themselves enough to realize what piece of shit he is. It’s tragic. He has a huge influence on his mass following, who are mostly teenage girls, and instead of teaching them to love themselves, he taught them they are not good enough for him. He sent them 60 years in the past, when women were the perfect trophy that lived by certain standards.

Also, he treats his followers badly.

I wish he wasn’t relevant right now and he didn’t have millions of followers that look up to him, but he is and he does. I wish we could just pretend he doesn’t exist, but if we do that, we’re not helping to stop him in any way. He does not deserve to be talked about, but he is, and we have to make sure people at least know that he’s talked about in a negative way and for a reason.

It’s beyond my understanding why this little lemur still has any followers.

He’s the biggest piece of shit EVER.

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this guy at my school wears really short shorts all the time and i asked him why he doesn’t wear normal cut shorts and he said “if the sky is out, then my thighs are out” god bless

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I wrote you 57 love poems
57 individually painted tapestries
of what it felt like to touch you,
and how your bed felt like home

57 hand written confessions
rattling against my ribcage
spilled out of me, love stained
and terrified.

I wrote enough songs to record a debut album
with your laughter as the melody and my heartbeat as the bass line.
I would play it over and over and over
even though my heart already has every line memorized.

I wrote so many words for you
because I couldn’t hold all that love in my own two hands

In the past year
I’ve written myself 238 poems
because this is no longer about you

I wrote 238 poems to my heart,
to ask for forgiveness in cursive regret
to discover how to put my soul back together
to learn how to live with myself
to teach myself that I am good enough
because I didn’t know how to feel complete without someone else to fill me up.

I wrote a sophomore album
proving that I’m not a one trick pony
I recorded it just to sing myself to sleep,
because I still find it difficult to sleep alone.
Each song reminding me that I can be my own home.

I wrote 238 poems about how it feels to lose
about what it takes to stand back up after the biggest fall
about being haunted by my own mistakes
wishing for a do-over, and knowing I’ll never get one.

I wrote 238 poems to reaffirm that I am not a lost cause
that I am worth more than this world has made me believe.

I wrote 238 poems and I dedicated each one to myself
to honor my own promises to always put myself first
to celebrate the beauty and pain of my own humanity
to tell the story of how I fell in love with me.


- Devin R., 238 Love Poems (via loveshoteyes)

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Boy: we even finish each others s-
Me: ave rock and roll

"1. I heard 3 a.m. is the time to miss people who don’t miss you.
2. I never heard that it’s the time to miss people who don’t even miss themselves.
3. Soprano 1, where the hell are you?
4. I know change is normal and it’s for the better.
5. But I don’t even recognize your smile.
6. When will I come to realize that the boy I fell in love with is not the boy in my phone?
7. That smile could have fed the starving, clothed the naked.
8. I cried enough tears to wash that bird shit stain of your shirt that we tried getting out together.
9. That smile is the only part of you that still makes me smile.
10: Remember when you told me that I was going to shine?
11: Did I shine on that floor you left me crying on? Was I beautiful?
11. All I ever wanted to do was love you.
11. How could you turn around?
11. Did you mean the eight times you told me you loved me? Did you mean any of them?
11. I keep using eleven because it looks like the two fingers you pressed against my lips, and us standing side by side, and the deuces you threw at me when I needed you.
12. I needed you.
13. I could never do that to you.
14. Why did you never let me in?
15. I loved you. I loved you. I loved you. I loved you.
16. I wish I could embalm that boy in my fondest memories, I wish periods could preserve him. That sentences brought sense back into him. That my lines gave him life. I wish he would come back and hold me again. I wish it didn’t hurt to think about him.
17. Does it hurt to think about me?
18. You told me to never sail oceans for people who wouldn’t jump across a puddle for me.
19. I built an goddamn ark for you.
20. And you couldn’t even catch a fucking raindrop.
21. You couldn’t spare my splintered hands."

- 3 A.M. Sonata Part ll (a list made from wooden tears and bird shit)

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Jonah Hill & Morgan Freeman

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is drake bell related to taco bell (??)

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the more sexual and inappropriate you are with me the better we’ll get along

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"Do things your future self will thank you for"

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Didnt I say you were grounded

ZodiacChic Post:Leo




she didn’t get the reference x



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